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Lease Sharing

Lease Sharing Boats

The Chicago Watercraft offers a Wonderful Fleet Power Boats and Yachts. CW can put you at the helm of your own powerboat for far less then the cost of ownership or conventional charters. CW’s fleet offers two (2) levels of accommodation for you to consider. Each level has boats or yachts that can meet your needs. Our Commander Fleet consists of one (1) 2005 26′ Bennington Sport Boats and one (1) 2003 25′ Bennington Pontoon. Our Commodore Fleet consists of one (1) 2006 Formula 330 Sun Sport. All vessels are designed with every amenity considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, CW uses a world class brand of boats to facilitate our clients needs which includes: Formula and Bennington.
  • Yes, You can have partners on the lease (4-5 couples works out great).
  • Yes, There is a captain’s college requirement to meet current insurance demands. Boater educated…show your documentation!
  • Yes, You are trained to manage the boat(s) in your fleet yourself.
  • Yes, It’s inexpensive compared to buying a boat (depreciating asset).
  • Yes, It’s fun, scheduling is fair, and guarantees your must-have and lottery dates won are the Lottery Party: CW’s no-miss LeaseShare Kick-Off Cocktail Party.
  • Yes, The boat is kept updated and relatively clean, to accommodate a busy professional and/or family orientated lifestyle.
  • Yes, We have references.
  • Yes, The owner is a fun, cool dude, is single, and loves great wines.

The Lease-Share Members

You will belong to the CW inner-circle of members who share your sense of tradition for family togetherness, friendship, and or a healthy corporate entertainment environment. Our members are gregarious business professionals and so far include company presidents, senior management, investment bankers, doctors, insurance and real estate brokers, and sales managers. Our 2004-2008 seasons included current lease-share members and friends joining in, contributing time and energy to produce CW’s entry into the Venetian Night Boat Parade for a BIG fun day. Yes, it’s was a competition, and CW has placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. In 2006, CW won 2nd place and 3rd place.

fireworks Singing Fellows Blues Brothers

Early buy-In Discount Promotion Timelines:

  • 10% Lease Discount until October 1
  • 7% Lease Discount Oct 16 – November 15
  • 5% Lease Discount Nov 16 – Chicago Boat Show!

Levels of Lease-Share Pricing & Member Schedule

CW offers the option of leasing one boat or your own fleet. CW allows up to ten (10) lease-share members (4-5 couples) per lease to meet your budget. One (1) season lease runs from May 1st through November 1st with an expanded season for special circumstances. Full lease-share packages include: Over-Night/flotilla privileges, up to 24 sessions and up to 330 hours of fun, week-long trips, long weekend get-a-ways. Fractional packages lower base price from 4-18 sessions from 30 to 280 hours. Add 9% city tax on base price + insurance deductible. Each session is spread fairly across a # of weekday and a # of weekend sessions. Session times are 9am-5pm, and 5pm-9am.

CW’s Moments Notice Program: if a boat is available we’ll carve you in and adjust your schedule. Gas Extra!

Our “PrimeTime” (6)-Session Package of Saturday/Sunday is Premium Priced for “your exclusive use”.

Each 6 – 24 Session Package includes one-third of your sessions dedicated to either lottery or must-have sessions. CW schedules the balance of your season around your work, travel and vacation schedules.

Yes, you may trade sessions with those lease-Share clients sharing the same boat as you.

Any further questions, set-up a face-to-face with Captain Patrick 773-791-7311.